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Sheep Traffic Jam in the Snow

Holy Shit it’s Snowing

Dear minions, Let's skip the small talk and get straight to the point... HOLY SHIT IT'S SNOWING! I could have built an evil headquarters inside a volcano like Dr. Evil, I bet that would have been nice... Or I could have built a fort in the jungle with a pit of poisonous lizards and some mischievous pick-pocketing monkeys... ... But no! Instead here I am in … [Read More...]

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Featured Story


27 Confucius Say Quotes that are Actually Funny

Dear minions, The following is the ultimate top 27 list of Confucius say quotes. ... there are thousands of Confucius say quotes out there, but most suck. I've removed all the stupid ones and 93% of the sexist ones. Even all the ones about farts. What's left is the … [Read More...]

Depressed shark is crying but the water hides his tears.

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Dear minions, It turns out none of you are happy despite being part of the most technologically advanced civilization to ever wander the face of Earth... ... 1 out of 8 people suffer from depression in North America because depression has become an acceptable excuse for … [Read More...]

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