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Depressed shark is crying but the water hides his tears.

Everything is Amazing and Nobody is Happy

Dear minions, It turns out none of you are happy despite being part of the most technologically advanced civilization to ever wander the face of Earth... ... 1 out of 8 people suffer from depression in North America because depression has become an acceptable excuse for being lazy and useless. The real problem is life has gotten too easy... You're depressed because … [Read More...]

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Featured Story

Featured Story

It's your time for greatness, be not afraid.

It’s Your Time for Greatness

Dear minions, It's YOUR time for greatness. It's YOUR moment to walk into the spotlight. It's YOUR opportunity to have everything you ever wanted. ... And all YOU have to do is join the World Domination Newsletter. Get the FREE World Domination … [Read More...]

Goodlife Fitness Water Bottle

Not Safe to Drink from GoodLife Fitness Water Bottle

Dear GoodLife, I recently acquired one of your red GoodLife Fitness water bottles. I was eager to quench my thirst at my next workout when I discovered to my dismay it was impossible to use this bottle securely. I've attached pictures demonstrating the problem... Here is a … [Read More...]

HostGator, the Smooth Criminal

HostGator Coupon Code for Super Villains and Overlords

Dear minions, As you know, I'm the most notorious super villain of the internet. ... I'm also a self-proclaimed evil overlord. The point is, I've found a way to make less than one-hundred billion dollars in thirty days or more by operating an evil website about world … [Read More...]

Treasure Map

How to make a Treasure Map like an Evil Overlord

Dear minions, If you wish to rule an empire as an evil overlord, it's important you send your rivals on the occasional wild goose chase. Allowing your enemies to "stumble upon" a well crafted treasure map is an ideal way to waste their time and resources. Materials … [Read More...]

Don't cry, we'll get cheezburger someday...

Are you Sad Nobody Noticed you Exist?

Dear minions, Have you been building this incredible website, but nobody seems to care? Have you been following all the expert tips and advice, but still, nobody visits your site? Are you sad nobody noticed you exist? Do you wake up in the middle of the night crying … [Read More...]